Wykd Dave & Wildties in Rome!!!

560179_436106023126014_1702456916_nThe day is March 30. The place is Rome. Wykd Dave and Wildties teaching and performing in the eternal city!

As our followers know well, Kinbaku LuXuria is not much active in Italy (Wildties native country) for a number of different reasons. Still many of the Italian rope lovers often ask us to make some event in Italy.

We decided to do something great, not only having our team perfom and teach, but by inviting a prestigious international guest. The choice was very easy… who better than Wykd Dave?

It is well known that Dave has been and still is one of Wildties greatest source of inspiration. He is the one who radically changed the approach Wildties had to bondage. Beside this Dave is an outstanding performer, together with his beautiful partner Clover, he has held shows all over the world extasiating his pubblic. Watching this couple perform is amazing, their connection is unbeatable, their comunication through rope is something that leaves breathless.

Dave is also a suberb teacher and a real expert in Japanese Bondage technique. Also Clover is a great rope bottom educator.

Kinbaku LuXuria has the great pleasure to present this event that will see Wykd Dave and Wildties teach together in a full day workshop. The event will include a lecture for rope bottoms by Clover and Redsabbath, free time for rope practice and play, and two Japanese Bondage shows.

This is the event link on facebook:

and this on Fetlife:

Also do not forget to check Dave's website and Clover's blog

Don't miss this event, it's going to be amazing!!!!