What we offer

Kinbaku LuXuria Team is available for:

Private Shows and Sessions

Our team is specialized in highly entertaining bondage shows. We range from highly erotic and SM traditional Japanese bondage shows to more soft and sensual performances. We are available for performances in clubs and fetish events, as well as any other bondage-friendly event. Our private sessions, held only in very reserved and private atmosphere, offer a unique and erotic insight on the beauty of Japanese rope bondage, a highly erotic pleasure for selected voyeurs.

Private Bondage tuition

We are available for private bondage tuition, ranging from bondage 101 to intermediate level. Individual classes allow each student to have custom teaching that grants fast learning and a didactic approach fitting with specific personal needs. All the technical aspects are covered with a special eye on safety, as well as  giving all the information on how to conduce a rope scene, creating that magical connection and feelings between rigger and model, that are the core of Japanese rope bondage.

Group classes and workshops

We can provide classes and workshops for larger groups, intended to give a general insight on the basics techniques of Kinbaku-Shibari, together with the main safety aspects that are necessary for a healthy approach to bondage. We do organize workshops in cooperation with clubs, rope collectives and events.

Ghost rigging

We are available for ghost rigging for movies and photo shootings.

These are  our requirements for shows and workshops:


For any of your bondage needs feel free to contact us for info.