IMG_3850_ildties+redsabathRiccardo Wildties is an Italian rigger and rope artist. He was first introduced to BDSM 10 years ago and shortly after discovered Japanese rope bondage. For the first few years of his study, Wildties was primarily self-taught and pulled inspiration from many top Japanese and Western riggers, without focusing on one specific style. With his partner Red Sabbath he immersed himself in the art and became one of the most sought out European rope educators and performers.

At the end of 2012, seduced and inspired by the work of Akira Naka, he started to explore a new style based on the use of ropes as a mean of aesthetic erotic torture. He devoted himself totally to Semenawa, focusing his bondage on a very traditional Japanese style.

In 2013 he finally met Akira Naka in Moscow. They felt an immediate connection both on a professional and personal level, and he decided to focus his work entirely on the style of the master.

In August 2014 he had the honor to be invited to perform as main event at Naka Nawakai, Naka Akira's private session series. It was the first time that someone else than Naka San himself was main event at Naka Nawakai.

In 2015 he officially became Naka Akira's Deshi and had the privilege to tie in a duo session with his Sensei in Tokyo. Naka Akira has acknowledged that though Wildties is his student, that his unique form of bondage is a particular “latin” interpretation which proves to be much more suitable for Western students and models.

Wildties regularly performs all of Europe and holds workshops and classes.