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Why study Naka Ryu with us!

2015_0426_0494Naka Ryu has become more and more popular in Europe in the few last years. As the demand for education grew higher, this generated many people willing to offer to teach it. Unluckily, most people are not authorized to do so.

It happens very often that when reading educator's profiles and curriculum I see stuff like, "I have studied with Naka Akira". But truth is that most of these people mean they had just a few hours of class or workshop with the Master. Some did not even have this, have never met him, or have had few hours of class with someone else that had a few hours of class himself with the Sensei. Yet they said they were teaching Naka Ryu. Some even write they are his disciples (rather than merely students).

This is ridiculous, dangerous, and not honest. To say you studied with someone or that you are someones student takes more than a 5h workshop. Authorized Naka Ryu educators are few and you should choose well. We think you should choose us, and this is why:

naka diploma1) Wildties is not only an authorized Naka Ryu educator, but the first one. He is Naka Akira's official deshi.  The masters consideration for him is such that he was granted to perform twice as a rigger at Naka Nawa Kai, once in a duo session with the Sensei.

2) We were the first to dedicate completely and only to this style, therefore we might say without error that our own experience is the most complete one now available in the western market.

3) Most educators around have just started teaching and performing. They have little experience in pedagogy, in tying, and in this style. We have been on the market for years now, done over 400 hours of teaching and more than 35 performances in 2015 alone. Experience matters.

4) Our offers range from 1 to 1 tuition to workshops, private intensives, masterclasses, intermediate intensives, etc. We keep in touch with our students, and give them advice and support even after the classes. We are traveling frequently all over Europe.

5) Wildties's great experience in this style allowed him to make technical adjustments to make it safer and more suited for the western standards of safety, without loosing the traditional look and feeling of Naka Ryu. Most of what you might learn in Europe comes from him anyway, so why not learn from the original.

6) We are in constant contact with the Sensei and update our knowledge regularly.  We develop new ties and techniques, and new methods of teaching them.

Most of all, when one day Naka Sensei was asked why he chose Wildties as a Deshi, he answered simply one word… One word that is the more important in Kinbaku: kokoro, heart and spirit.

Your money and safety are important, so choose well your Naka Ryu educator.