Report from Czech Rep.

IMG_7023_2LOur trip to Czech Rep. was born really casually. We had received an invitation on Facebook to the Shibari Circle event, a monthly peer rope event in Brno. Redsabbath contacted Kirei, one of the organizers, and asked if they would be interested in a workshop or some performance. Despite they never had international guests, Kirei was very enthusiast and decided to organize two days of Kinbaku Luxuria workshops and shows.

Things moved very fast and in a few days the event was scheduled. We have been very surprised because despite being their first experience organizing this kind of event, and despite the fact the Czech community is quite new to ropes, these people have set up a huge event in only one month. Thanks to Kirei, Borg, Freya, Soptik and many others Kinbaku LuXuria held one of it's best events ever!.

Day one started with some private tuition in the morning and guess what? It was on one of our favorite topics, Semenawa.  Three intense hours of rope torture techniques and predicament bondage. As you all know this is the direction LuXuria has taken since a while.

In the afternoon we held the first workshop with 10 couples. The venue was fantastic, a big room with a wonderful wooden floor, suspension points and some beautiful thick mats. The workshop treated connection, Ichinawa, and rope scene building. Also Redsabbath held a little class for rope bottoms and we talked about how to practice and develop muscle memory and flow. All the participants seemed very enthusiastic and they did a great job. Some beautiful moments of connection have been shown by all the couples.

In the evening we held our two shows for an audience of 60 people! The guys at Shibari Circle did an excellent work of communication and managed to have such a large public participate.

858158_137932653045182_1015663566_oFirst show was mainly about transition, the old Luxuria style or "circus" as we now define it. It was quite visual and we know people, especially if not into BDSM, love it. Side suspension, double ankle, tk suspension, hip harness suspension and a long single ankle suspension to close the show. Speed and brutal transitioning.  Once again Redsabbath gave a proof of what a tough model she is. Not only the show was hard but she had modeled for class all day and had a little flu.

Second show was a traditional Semenawa show, the new course of LuXuria's kinbaku. We were quite hesitant to do this in public, especially since part of the audience was not into rope or BDSM. But we felt we had to express ourselves the way we like it so we went for it. Kirei did an incredible job and found a big bamboo to use as suspension point, which is how we prefer to work at present.

This show was totally different from the other, the rhythm was slow, music very low, each position kept for a long time to give the model the time to feel the ropes, to suffer them. Between different position Redsabbath had the feet on the ground to rest a few second between different torture positions. We started with a very slow TK, and then a very splitted suspension in which she received a heavy bastinado. Then a very tough vertical suspension, with one leg pulled up very high, one of Wildties' favorites this period (as you might have seen in many of the latest pictures). Here she received some genital torture through coconut rope as well as some intense erotic stimulation. Then it was time to lace her thighs and suspend her reversed by them. Gag, clamps with weights and some sizzling waxing. She really took an incredible amount of pain. But… this is not the end, Wildties was very inspired and wanted to give her some good honest sense of shame. He lowered her to the ground, legs tied up and used his wooden dildo on her in front of all the audience.

A very sensual and dramatic untying ended the show, with Redsabbath shivering exhausted in the rigger's arms. Despite the big public we held a real private session. The new, genuine LuXuria style.

Feedback after the show has been incredible. Most girls said it was the hottest thing they ever saw. We received some of the warmest and most touching compliments ever (including some saying that Wildties set a new standard of the term sadistic bastard). Moments we will never forget. The night continued with a bondage party until 2 am. Both model and rigger were so overwhelmed and exhausted that they could do no more rope that night, but still we enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere and hospitality.

On day two we held workshop in the morning. Main subject being how to freestyle. It was fun to see the riggers challenged by some quite bratty bunnies. Also we answered many questions and gave a lot of one to one advice.

Sadly at 3pm we had to leave for the airport, but the wonderful moments spent in Brno will always be in our heart! We loved Czech people of the Shibari circle so much. and they loved us so much, that we already started planning a second event for the near future!

Before leaving Soptik (a man with a fetish for shears lol) gave to wildties a pair of very special EMT shears. Much better than the usual ones, they cut 200% better and are made of an incredible heavy duty metal. They will always be part of our rigging equipment.

It has been an incredible experience. We met so many great people and felt all the warmth of Czech hospitality. A big thanks goes to Kirei for believing in us and wanting us their first international guest. To Freya for the huge effort in organizing the event, the three days of hard work at the venue and for doing all she could to make us feel comfortable at all time. To Soptik and Simona for hosting us at their place, taking care of us and being such a good company. To Borg, a man of great sensibility and our personal driver. A big thanks to all the people involved in the event, all the students of the workshop and all the audience of the show.

Special thanks to the photographers that took some incredible pictures and videos of the two shows… You will see them soon on our website!!!