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One more year of LuXuria

_MG_9065bI somehow consider the London Festival 2012 the begining of this year for LuXuria. It was our last "circus" show and the begining of a journey that brought us to what we are now. Lots of things have changed since then, both in our bondage as in our personal lives. We had many highs and a few lows. We met some incredible people in our numerous travels around Europe. We made new great friends and lost some of the old ones. Life is like that, always changing and evolving.

We have had an incredible year of success. We visited so many different countries (some more than once) doing shows and workshops, we launched our images and clips for sale sites (wich are having an unexpected success), we did tons of photoshoots, we worked together with some of the most awesome riggers.

Unluckily we could not perform at the last London Festival. We were not even allowed to attend it, and this is one of the lows of this year. Celebrating our birthday with all our friends from all over Europe would have been great. But the incredible number of  support messages we received daily during the festival (including the ones of Naka San) are anyway the best birthday gift we could have been given.

Our last show, in Cantada Bar Paris, has been none the less a great way to celebrate our anniversary. A show in wich there were only few minutes of suspension, no visual stuff, just plain emotion and good semenawa. So many people in the audience had tears in their eyes, despite it was definetly an SM show.

More and more riggers are making love to their ropes, we are following a different path, we are making love to eachother. I guess this is the secret of all the great feedbacks we had this year, including the incredible words Kinoko had for us in St. Petersburg. This is why so many people shed tears during our last shows. We are even more determined in following this path, regardless of the fact that specializing oneself into a particular style may make us loose a few costumers.

In all this, I (Wildties), have very little merits. Redsabbath and Morgana have been the real engine of our accomplishments. Their continuous support in the hard times, their dedication, their heart, their way of living bondage as an act of love rather than a way to seek visibility or popularity. They pushed me to change my way of doing ropes regadless the fact we might have lost costumers. They incouraged me every day, they made me the rigger I am. More than once they brough me back on track, the supported me in the bad times, they gave me absolute trust.

Friends have been crucial too. The real ones, the ones that are always there when you need them I will not mention them directly, they know who they are, they are real friends and as such they do not even need or want to be thanked. They are there thats all.  Actually one I'll mention… The one with the ugly t-shirts… thanks for being there! …mate we must visit Decathlon together, really 🙂 Oh.. and the polite asian man who sent me as a gift Japanese rope because he thought I deserved it.  And the Brit couple who cuddled us when we were down. Ups, yeah, also the french guy who was there in one of my hardest moments. Shit I said I would not have written all this! Ok stop! lol

Whats up for the future? We always claimed that LuXuria never stops. And that is it, we have already started to book events for the next year, most of the comunities we visit want us back and this is a real treat for us, trips overseas are also planned. We will focus even more in teaching our style and our vision of ropes. Our Skin and Ropes series of workshops is about to start and we are working hard to increase our production of images and videos. Some very good collaborations with other riggers/organizations are about to start, because we do believe bondage is about sharing. Lots of other interesting stuff will be announced shortly…

This solar year will end in beauty with an event in Vienna, at the Vienna Shibari Dojo, and a great two day of ropes in Paris with Wykd Dave, organized by Ecole des Cordes.

Thanks to all who shared the magic of this year with us, riggers, models, students, audience, friends and foes. We love you all!

Redsabbath… well you know it, do you?