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Shame in Bed

A wonderful new model joins our team! See BeautifulyAbused get tied in a very tight strappado tie on the bed. Her beautiful body gets exposed while she is gagged heavily. Then things get harder, her body gets contorted, her pussy clamped, and a lipstick is used in many different areas of her body to cause shame and embarrassment. This is one of the most hot video we produced up till now, full of eroticism and passion.


Harsh Futomomo

BeautifulyAbused tied in a harsh futomomo suspension in typical semenawa style. She is bent, immobilized, her shaking shows all the sufferance she goes through. even her hair is tied making the position even more difficult. A very traditional, slow, demanding tie. Her tears during and after are real eye candy, her feelings and her connection and devotion to the rigger a real treat. Something very Japanese in technique and mood. A great clip not too miss.

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