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LuXuria Under Attack


Kinbaku LuXuria is under attack! 5 blocked accounts on Facebook, pictures, flyers and links reported daily even in secret groups dedicated to bondage… Whats going on?

It is well known that the world of Bondage is highly competitive and full of envious people. Denunciation on facebook seems to be one of the favorite methods that some suckers use to bother their competitors. We always had to face this problem but now things are getting worse and worse. It is a daily attack to anything we publish, each picture, each link, each flyer.

On one side it's a proof of how well we are doing. It is no mystery that Kinbaku LuXuria is one of the most active bondage realities in Europe. We have monthly events in almost every European country, invitations to all the best rope festivals, our video and picture production is great and constant. Our popularity is growing so fast that we are amazed our self.

Getting reported and blocked is not a real problem. Our team has some six accounts and we will continue promoting our work. It's just annoying and actually shows the level of these little weasels. Little envious people that instead of trying to improve their work vent their frustration in front of a screen.

Some might suggest that it's simply the Facebook police keeping an eye on us. No not at all. We have been reported some 15 times during the last year in private groups dedicated just to Japanese Bondage. We created new accounts, with no report history, and still we get reported. Morgana shared for over 5 years pictures of her naked modelling and never got reported. guess what? as soon as she started pubblishing Kinbaku LuXuria bondage pictures she started being reported on a weekly basis. Also the timing is symptomatic. Each and every time we achieve a big success or we schedule a new event, when a Japanese master shares one of our pictures or when a collaboration with some other rigger gives some incredible result, when a pic gets 4500 loves on Fetlife or when a magazine publishes our pictures, that is the moment when images get reported.

Wanking stupid weasels. You are not even brave enough to play it clean. You refuge in anonymity cause you don't have balls. Well you really think you will stop us? Damage us in any way? Did your denunciations ever stop us from publishing our work… NO, and it will never. We are currently increasing the number of Facebook accounts, since 5 out of seven are blocked. Seven ain't enough? We will have fourteen.

LuXuria will go on, with the help of all our supporters, making better work every day. As always LuXuria NEVER STOPS!

"This fire is burnin'
And it's out of control
It's not a problem you can stop
It's rock n' roll"