Intensive Private Weekends!!!!!


High end 1 on 1 tuition at a bargain price? Now it is possible!

After a few trials to get the right formula, Kinbaku LuXuria is glad to officially announce the new Intensive Private Weekends.

Where will it take place? At our place, a few kilometers from Rome.  Do not worry, transport by car to and from the airport is included!

IMG_1941A small but clean and comfortable apartment in which you will  have your own room, provided with heating, air conditioning, a big double bed, wifi, and all the comforts you might need.

The apartment is provided with a fireplace, so cozy to sit in front of it, drinking wine and relaxing after class.

The working space is a 2,20 mt by 2,20 mt portal frame with a solid big diameter bamboo. Soon a Hashira will also be available as well as a more three dimensional working space. Japanese rope can be rented on the spot, for a little extra, if you want to travel light.

Obviously mats and carpets will make it more comfortable for the bottoms.

Your breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks will be provided by us, some good Italian cooking made by Wildties himself (and believe us he cooks as well as he ties).

image_2 image    image_1


All beverages will be included also.


You will be able to browse through our collection of Japanese bondage books, images and videos.

Class will be intensive, 5 hours a day, divided between morning, afternoon and evening, allowing the models very long breaks to relax and recover. It will be tailored on the needs and skills of the student and the amount of provided information will be huge.

Pauses and moments of relax will be a great time to talk about Kinbaku, about our travels and experiences, to learn even more and really be floating in a Kinbaku atmosphere.

In a weekend each couple will have 10 h of private tuition but in a relaxed and not overwhelming way, great food, good wine, fun and relaxing moment, in a beautiful environment and will not even have to worry about going and coming from the airport.

Now you might think this will cost a lot! Not at all!

You will save as much as 50% on tuition per hour, and up to 80% of what you would pay for a hotel and restaurants in Rome.

So do not hesitate and write to us at for more detailed info! But hurry up, our weekends are filling fast!