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Happy Birthday LuXuria!

birthday-cake1Happy Birthday LuXuria! Today we celebrate our first year of activity and boy… this has been an incredible journey!

So many things have happened this year, so many people supported us, so many new friends were met. This has been such an incredible year we can hardly describe all the beautiful adventures we went through. We started as an almost unknown group of bondage lovers, a rigger and some models, and within a year, we managed to become one of the most active realities of the European bondage scene.

And all this was done only through our passion and dedication to Japanese Bondage. We had no important sponsors, no money, no experience, no place to hold classes or shows in. Even finding the money to buy rope, at the begining, was something difficult.  But we had heart, guts, passion. We had to fight for every centimeter, but we never gave up. Each member of the team had to learn how to do communication, improvise our selves photographers or video editors, learn how to manage a website. But we loved what we were doing, we loved our dream and we worked hard enough to make it come true. We had ups and downs, hard moments to deal with but we always managed to rise again even stronger than before.

It is a wonderful coincidence that in the day of our birthday we found in our mailbox a copy of Massad Magazine featuring a wonderfull six page article of us, with lots of pictures.

We are particularly proud of this article especially because it features pictures of some of our former models. They do not appear anymore on our website, but their contribution to making LuXuria what it is, and making Wildties the rigger he is, will never be forgotten. Whithout them we would not be were we are.

But thats not all… As we often say LuXuria never stops and we are about to get a plane and fly to Czech Republic for a couple of workshops and two shows, one of our usual transition/circus shows and one in pure traditional rope torture style (wich is definetly the new path we are following). And this is only one of the many events to wich we have been invited this year. Our agenda is already totally full. And this is a further proof of how much good work we have done this year.

We are happy, proud, excited. But we know we still have a lot to improve, a lot to learn, a long road still to walk. We will work even harder this year to improve our bondage skills, make better shows, make our workshops even more interesting and produce many more captivating images and videos.

As mentioned many people helped us in this wonderful year. We would like to thank them all but we would end forgetting some. So we will keep it general, who is in our heart knows he is…We thank heartily all our supporters, all our inspirators, all the friends that have been close in the difficult times. We thank all the photographers that worked with us, all the models, all our students. Especially we want to thank all former members of the Kinbaku LuXuria team. All this is still yours too.

A great year behind us, a greater year infront. Stay tuned because LuXuria never stops!