It is never too late to talk about this great Halloween party I had the luck to attend last month.

I was in Paris for some class and my friend Morgana, who modeled for my classes, invited me to join her for the Halloween party at Cris et Chuchotements, a very popular BDSM club in Paris.

I had heard a lot of good things about C&C, especially about their Friday afternoon party called "Les Goûters du Divin Marquis", but I couldn't imagine that it would have been so good!

The club is divided on many levels, with small rooms that give a very intimate atmosphere. Each room is furnished in a very classy way and fully equipped with all kinds of BDSM implements. Crosses, spanking benches, rigging points can be found everywhere. The bar serves every possible drink and free snacks where available.

Being Halloween's night party the club was literally packed with people and the energy was really good. All kind of BDSM folks hang out there and it was amazing to see how many different personalities have choose C&C as their regular gathering point for BDSM nights.

I had a chance to finally meet in person DocVale and Philippe De Beaumond, two french riggers, that run a monthly event called "L ECOLE DES CORDES", still held at C&C. I had a great time doing rope with them and I strongly suggest you attend their event if you are in Paris.

I must say that in such a great night one would never stop tying… My designed victim for the night was Morgana, a beautiful French model and my great friend. The poor girl was tied three times during the night, each well over 30 minutes and I didn't spare her from heavy transition, SM, and a good deal of mean stuff. Her stamina is amazing and I was absolutely surprised that she was able to take one of the hardest bastinado's I ever gave almost as nothing (but she had a blue foot for a week lol).

I also did a double suspension with Morgana and the beautiful Lin. Obviously unable to tie with any connection, and help by the sparkling personality of the two models, it turned out into a very funny cabaret. I guess my skills in French language must have improved because everybody was laughing at my jokes.

What to say more? C&C is a great club both for people into ropes and for those that love other forms of BDSM. The organization is great and all the folks that hang around are super cool. I strongly suggest to attend to their events! On my part I'll be there very soon!

Enjoy some of the pics of that wonderful night and stay tuned for more news from Paris!